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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

pose with Granny and Pop
Roberta took this photo

Gift from Granny and POP.

My parents in law came for a visit today and brought an Early Christmas gift for Roberta. They gave it today because it wont fit on there car if they have to wait till this Thursday. They gave Roberta a very nice writing board. Roberta was very happy with it. They also bought crayons, chalk and eraser. Her Granny show her how to use it and show Roberta how to draw. I just knew that my Mom in law is good in drawing. They said, they still have 7 more gifts for Roberta. I am so blessed to have a wonderful Parents in law like them and very thankful for loving my daughter.

I prepared a sweet banana for them, they love it. They like to drink coffee, we bought a coffee maker just for them, my hubby used it once before when they visited us, today I called my hubby, I asked him how to use it..hehehe..I have no ignorant..LOL! he gave instructions thru the phone, he didn't knew how much coffee to put..he's also ignorant, both of us don't drink coffee s so both of us had no idea, so I just put 1 scoop, when my Dad in law drink it, I asked him how it taste..He said it taste good,perfect. I took a deep breath. So happy, i pass on my first serve of coffee for them and they like what i prepared for them. They're the best.