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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15 months old

Kiray turned 15 months old yesterday.Time passes by so quickly,now she is on her terrible toes stage,climbing on chairs,reaching things and she even climbed in our computer disk and type.She loves talking on the phone and even if it's not a phone she will use it as her phone.She is having a hard time in her teething but lucky she did not experience sickness,she just simply bite anything that on her hand.She doesn't like orajel as it taste so ewww!!! She likes to drink juice but she's picky when it comes to food.Sometimes i spank her and I felt guilty about it,it's just that she will not listen to me sometimes.Her Tatay spoiled her much.Every time we go out,we always receive compliments from the people,telling us how cute and adorable she is,some says she's a doll!and others gave us gifts,Were so proud to have Kiray in our life.She's truly a blessing.

First carousel and train ride

Last Saturday was a busy day for us,we roam around the whole day.We went to the park to watched the celebration "the cooter festival".One of the highlights of the event is the carnaval.We let our little noiser experienced her first carousel and train ride.It turns out great! She loves it and having fun with it.The hard part is she doesn't want to get out of the carousel and the train..Lol!!!


I dedicate this blog to my cute lovely daughter Roberta who change my life in so many ways.She's the apple of my eye,our joy and pride.To my Roberta, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Friday, October 24, 2008

hair cut day!!



I just finished cutting the hair of my little noiser,I decided to cut it by myself because I already tried bring her to the salon and she was just screaming,I still pay 11 bucks even if it was not finished.She still scream a while ago but I don't mind because she's here in the house,not like in the salon some of the customers who were there are looking on us,they wanted to complain but they can't because it's a baby who was making the noise.