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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

pose with Granny and Pop
Roberta took this photo

Gift from Granny and POP.

My parents in law came for a visit today and brought an Early Christmas gift for Roberta. They gave it today because it wont fit on there car if they have to wait till this Thursday. They gave Roberta a very nice writing board. Roberta was very happy with it. They also bought crayons, chalk and eraser. Her Granny show her how to use it and show Roberta how to draw. I just knew that my Mom in law is good in drawing. They said, they still have 7 more gifts for Roberta. I am so blessed to have a wonderful Parents in law like them and very thankful for loving my daughter.

I prepared a sweet banana for them, they love it. They like to drink coffee, we bought a coffee maker just for them, my hubby used it once before when they visited us, today I called my hubby, I asked him how to use it..hehehe..I have no ignorant..LOL! he gave instructions thru the phone, he didn't knew how much coffee to put..he's also ignorant, both of us don't drink coffee s so both of us had no idea, so I just put 1 scoop, when my Dad in law drink it, I asked him how it taste..He said it taste good,perfect. I took a deep breath. So happy, i pass on my first serve of coffee for them and they like what i prepared for them. They're the best.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Whooga Ugg Boots

I receive my Whooga Ugg Boots today.It's a very nice boots, very comfy. I joined a contest last month in, after 2 weeks i received an notification email that i won an Whooga Ugg Boots. I was so happy about it. It was unexpected because I always had no luck when it comes to contest. God has been so good, he knew that I wanted to have another pair boots, so he let me won.

The contest is still open, so if you like to have a Whooga, visit Fill up the form, keep your fingers cross and wait for the notification email telling that you are the next winner.

Gift of Appreciation

Roberta receive a surprise letter from her Grandparents today. When we opened the letter it has a $ 20 bucks in it. It Say's the money is their gift of appreciation for Roberta, for being such a sweetie and very cute on her costume during Halloween. Roberta was very happy, even though she didn't understand it yet very much but she know that her Grandparents love her so much. They also asked Roberta's Christmas wish list. I'm still thinking what to write cos at this point Roberta wants and likes everything. Hopefully tomorrow she can decide what she really wants.

I couldn't ask for a better Parents in Law. They are amazing. My daughter is so fortunate to have them as Grandparents.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Costume

My little noiser is ready for the Halloween. She already have her costume. We bought it last saturday at the very famous store, K-mart! LOL!!! We got her the bee fairy costume. She tried it right away and she look very pretty it. She is the cutest bee ive ever seen..

Cooter Festival

Every year the City of Inverness will hold it's annual celebration of Cooter Festival. Last year Roberta had fun riding with the carousel and the tsu tsu train. Last Saturday was this year's Cooter Festival but it was not like last year. No more rides for the kids. All they have is the fair.

I felt bad because she was very excited and ready to ride, so we gave her a treat, we bought her a toy and banana split at the ice cream DR..


Roberta just had her 1st Camping experienced past weekend.Were invited by our Fil/Am couple friend. She had fun but she was not feeling well after few hours we arrived at the camping site. She was vomiting and had diarrhea. I think it's because of the very cold weather, in bisaya we called it "panuhot". The medicine that we bought was very effective, right on after she chewed it, she was back on track.

The kids went were fishing at the boat ramp, so we let her experienced also. She was just playing with the fishing pole and missed the fish twice. The fish drag the fishing pole, we almost fall on the water. Maybe it was a big fish.

She was having fun playing with the boys, she was the muse..the 3 boys are my friends son and nephew.In the evening, i thought she will get scared because it was kinda dark, instead she had fun watching the campfire and playing with her very small flashlight.

We missed the boat ride in the morning as the weather was still so cold and windy. So we all decided to pack up and head home as there is nothing we can do in the Campground.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A day at the Park

Past weekend we brought Roberta to the park. We missed going to church that day so we decided of giving our little princess a treat. She had a blast. We war her out in the swing ,slide and playing with the other kids. She was playing for an hour and a half. By the time we told her it's time to go home, she was crying. She wants to stay. She never get tired. We just told her we will take a break, eat ice cream and will comeback continue to play. She agreed but when she notice that were heading home, she was showing her attitude. Her Tatay talked to her and tell her that Santa will give her swing set this Christmas. At this point of her life, she wants everything that she sees. She even wants to have a car! sounds very cute huh...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

26 months

happy apples..she didn't like it
My tower..Nanay help me build this tower

@ withlacoochee river with Tatay

Dr.'s ice cream

silly me!!! hehehe..just trying Tatay socks in mowing the yard..hehehe

Tatay feed me some ice cream and cherry

at whispering pines park

with Jessica and Ate Victoria

playing time!!

at the car was hot!!

Roberta just turned 26 months yesterday. She's learning everyday, doing great on her little disciple class. She brought her beads necklace to the class last Sunday, and when we pick her up, her necklace was gone, the teacher told us she cried a little because someone get something from her, I'm sure it was because of the necklace. This past Saturday, we attended a baby shower at the park. While i was busy with the games, my hubby brought Roberta to the playground with Jessica and Victoria. She was having a great time. She love to swing and slide. I feel bad for her because she can only play in the playground rarely. Were to busy to take her to play. I am working hard on my driving so I can take Roberta to play as often as she like.

We also went to a car show, it was very HOT! Roberta was not happy, she was complaining to go home. I heard her talking to her Tatay, she said...Tatay it's hot..will go home now..I was tickle to death when i heard that words. The way she talk, just so cute!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Early Halloween Treat

pause with the card...

Thank you granny and grandaddy
Yes! $ 30 bucks..

opening the card

Yesterday, Roberta received a halloween card with 30 bucks in it,from her grandparents in VA. She was very happy when i told her that she got a card. I let Roberta opened the card and Tatay read it for her. Her Granny and Granddaddy love her so much. They even ask what size of clothes Roberta's wearing now cos they will buy clothes for her. Roberta is so lucky to have a wonderful Lolo and Lola like them. We will celebrate our thanksgiving with them..can't wait to see them again.

Weekend Parties

New friend Jessica

Hey! That's not your gift..

Put me down!!

I can't move, jessica is holding me tight..

Victoria the sweet young lady..

the birthday girl..regina

Roberta tried Regina's car

She helped open the gifts

she helped blow the candle

Roberta can't wait for the cake..she love the icing.

This past weekend we were very busy attending children birthday parties. The first party was for Regina, a cute little girl just like Roberta, she turned 2 years old and a daughter of a Fil-am couple. I went to there house early to helped prepared the party. Roberta had a blast, meeting some new friends and playing with them. She missed the pool, i forgot to bring her swim wear.

The Second party was for Victoria, a 12 year old young lady. Roberta was the darling of the crowd. The children in the party likes to play with her, carry her and told us how cute she is. They brought Roberta inside the room where all the kids play, she had fun. They give Roberta some toys and looking forward of seeing Roberta again.