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Thursday, May 28, 2009

22 Months Old

Big Dora and Small Dora
her favorite, peas

eating soup

Today my little noiser turns 22 months old. This July she will turn 2 years old already. She grow very fast. She's 100% healthy and getting more taller everyday. She likes to dance and watch her favorite TV show little Einstein. She loves to count, sing the alphabet and sing the twinkle2x little star. She will eat by her self now. She says Thank you and please, we had a hard time teaching that words to her, she hates that two words. She's a daddy's girl. She likes to sleep in our bed and kick us the whole night. I am so proud of her specially when we go out, going to flea market, yard sales,malls and everywhere we go, we received lots of free toys and clothes for free, from people admire her, telling she's so cute, adorable,pretty and that makes my heart melt. One thing that never change yet is she is still boastful. Even on her stepbrother, she'll freeze every time she See's him. Well! he looks kinda scary to that is why Kiray is scared of him.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Her new ride

Sometimes my nephew and niece will let me watch them ride there bikes in the street in front our house. Then my little Kiray will follow them and wanted to ride in the bike. I told my hubby about it. He bought right away a bike for her. A pink Disney bike. The funny thing is my little Kiray cannot reach the pedal, we have to push her so the bike will move. Now she's getting darker, she's always in the road riding her bike and if not in the road, in our living room. I just cant believe how time pass by so quickly. She grow so fast that sometimes i told her to stop growing cos i want to enjoy my time with her being a little girl.

She is going to be 22 months this 28 and soon to be 2 years old. One day she will be driving her own car.!! OMG!! i guess i really have to concentrate on my driving..hehehe

Potty Train

My little Roberta doesn't like her diaper anymore. She keep taking it off. So last weekend we bought her a Potty train. When we get home from the store, my hubby assemble it and let her tried it. She sat on it, she likes it. We explained to her why she had that and how to use it. Last night, she take off her diaper again, so i told her to tell me if she will pee or poo, she was just busy playing and running around. Then i saw something at the back of her dress, some kind of a dirt, so i called her. Gosh!! when she run towards me I smell something different. She poo! I called my hubby and we panic..hahaha..I was thinking where did she poo, i hope it's solid..hehehe..I went to her room and I saw the poop in the floor. Luckily it was solid. We just laughed. My hubby brought her to the bathroom and let her sat on the potty, buy its too late, she's all done. Now were still working on her to tell us when she's ready to pee or poo.