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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Costume

My little noiser is ready for the Halloween. She already have her costume. We bought it last saturday at the very famous store, K-mart! LOL!!! We got her the bee fairy costume. She tried it right away and she look very pretty it. She is the cutest bee ive ever seen..

Cooter Festival

Every year the City of Inverness will hold it's annual celebration of Cooter Festival. Last year Roberta had fun riding with the carousel and the tsu tsu train. Last Saturday was this year's Cooter Festival but it was not like last year. No more rides for the kids. All they have is the fair.

I felt bad because she was very excited and ready to ride, so we gave her a treat, we bought her a toy and banana split at the ice cream DR..


Roberta just had her 1st Camping experienced past weekend.Were invited by our Fil/Am couple friend. She had fun but she was not feeling well after few hours we arrived at the camping site. She was vomiting and had diarrhea. I think it's because of the very cold weather, in bisaya we called it "panuhot". The medicine that we bought was very effective, right on after she chewed it, she was back on track.

The kids went were fishing at the boat ramp, so we let her experienced also. She was just playing with the fishing pole and missed the fish twice. The fish drag the fishing pole, we almost fall on the water. Maybe it was a big fish.

She was having fun playing with the boys, she was the muse..the 3 boys are my friends son and nephew.In the evening, i thought she will get scared because it was kinda dark, instead she had fun watching the campfire and playing with her very small flashlight.

We missed the boat ride in the morning as the weather was still so cold and windy. So we all decided to pack up and head home as there is nothing we can do in the Campground.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A day at the Park

Past weekend we brought Roberta to the park. We missed going to church that day so we decided of giving our little princess a treat. She had a blast. We war her out in the swing ,slide and playing with the other kids. She was playing for an hour and a half. By the time we told her it's time to go home, she was crying. She wants to stay. She never get tired. We just told her we will take a break, eat ice cream and will comeback continue to play. She agreed but when she notice that were heading home, she was showing her attitude. Her Tatay talked to her and tell her that Santa will give her swing set this Christmas. At this point of her life, she wants everything that she sees. She even wants to have a car! sounds very cute huh...