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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

26 months

happy apples..she didn't like it
My tower..Nanay help me build this tower

@ withlacoochee river with Tatay

Dr.'s ice cream

silly me!!! hehehe..just trying Tatay socks in mowing the yard..hehehe

Tatay feed me some ice cream and cherry

at whispering pines park

with Jessica and Ate Victoria

playing time!!

at the car was hot!!

Roberta just turned 26 months yesterday. She's learning everyday, doing great on her little disciple class. She brought her beads necklace to the class last Sunday, and when we pick her up, her necklace was gone, the teacher told us she cried a little because someone get something from her, I'm sure it was because of the necklace. This past Saturday, we attended a baby shower at the park. While i was busy with the games, my hubby brought Roberta to the playground with Jessica and Victoria. She was having a great time. She love to swing and slide. I feel bad for her because she can only play in the playground rarely. Were to busy to take her to play. I am working hard on my driving so I can take Roberta to play as often as she like.

We also went to a car show, it was very HOT! Roberta was not happy, she was complaining to go home. I heard her talking to her Tatay, she said...Tatay it's hot..will go home now..I was tickle to death when i heard that words. The way she talk, just so cute!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Early Halloween Treat

pause with the card...

Thank you granny and grandaddy
Yes! $ 30 bucks..

opening the card

Yesterday, Roberta received a halloween card with 30 bucks in it,from her grandparents in VA. She was very happy when i told her that she got a card. I let Roberta opened the card and Tatay read it for her. Her Granny and Granddaddy love her so much. They even ask what size of clothes Roberta's wearing now cos they will buy clothes for her. Roberta is so lucky to have a wonderful Lolo and Lola like them. We will celebrate our thanksgiving with them..can't wait to see them again.

Weekend Parties

New friend Jessica

Hey! That's not your gift..

Put me down!!

I can't move, jessica is holding me tight..

Victoria the sweet young lady..

the birthday girl..regina

Roberta tried Regina's car

She helped open the gifts

she helped blow the candle

Roberta can't wait for the cake..she love the icing.

This past weekend we were very busy attending children birthday parties. The first party was for Regina, a cute little girl just like Roberta, she turned 2 years old and a daughter of a Fil-am couple. I went to there house early to helped prepared the party. Roberta had a blast, meeting some new friends and playing with them. She missed the pool, i forgot to bring her swim wear.

The Second party was for Victoria, a 12 year old young lady. Roberta was the darling of the crowd. The children in the party likes to play with her, carry her and told us how cute she is. They brought Roberta inside the room where all the kids play, she had fun. They give Roberta some toys and looking forward of seeing Roberta again.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Half pint...little disciple

At the church..getting ready for the little ..disciple class
She doesn't like this custome..LOL!!

Her Tatay call her half pint, cos her size is just like a half paint.LOL! Roberta is now at the little disciple class in the church. When she reach 2 years old, her teacher told us that she will transfer Roberta to the next level as she is big enough to stay in the nursery with the infants. I felt bad at first because Roberta like her teacher so much, she is being called as Nanny and she is very good when it comes to kids. Everyday here in the house even today Roberta ask about Nanny.

Roberta was in the little disciple class for 3 Sundays now. Nanny told us that she's doing great. She cried a little on her first day but she overcome right away. She just play with the toys, color the coloring books and listen to their teacher telling biblical stories. She did not ate snacks. She is the youngest in the class. Most of the kids there are from ages 3 and up. Last Sunday, when we dropped her off in her class, she just fussed a little. When we pick her up after the fellowship, she was so jolly and happy, no more tears. The teacher said she's doing a good job, Roberta is very friendly, sharing, helpful in picking up the toys and a good listener. Were so proud of her.

About her talking, she is so funny, she sound very cute too. If the word is hard for her, she will not say the last syllables. Example: TV, she can't say the V word yet, so she will just say Nanay T pls. if she like to watch TV. Another word is Candy..she will say DY, and in a very soft voice. She is very talkative, like her Nanay. Before she hates the word thank you and pls., now if she will say thank you and we will not reply to her, she will not stop saying thank you. She says Sorry Nanay or Tatay if she did something wrong, and if u will not forgive her, she will not stop saying sorry. Her favorite word is NO, when we asked her, she will answer with a NO or No way Tatay or Nanay. Not really a good word but she just sound very cute when she said that.

She likes to sing and dance specially when we watch WOWOWEE, Her favorite Filipino show.Maybe she will be the next Luningning..hehehe..Her favorite songs are Twinkle2x and Alphabet song, she doesn't like to listen to another song. If i will sing her another song, she will say No, so many times.Her favorite Tv shows are Dora, Ni hao kai lan, little bill, blues clues, diego,back of the bardigans. She memorize that shows, the character names, and the theme songs. Sometime she will tell me something about the show, I don't understand her, then she gets mad.

She's trying to help in washing the dishes. When she sees me in the kitchen sink, she will get the stool and put it beside me and starts to play, She like the bubbles. If it's already afternoon, she will start asking about her Tatay,if what time Tatay will come. If she know that her Tatay is already outside, she will stand in front of the hallway wait for him to come in and will give her Tatay a big hug and kiss. Then she will run to the bedroom, she will reach Tatay's house clothes and give it to him.

One thing were working on her is to use the potty train. Until now she still poo and pee in her diaper. She just sat on the potty for picture taken, after that she rejected it. She is scared to set on the potty train. I don't know if it's because we put it inside the bathroom. She doesn't like to see us using the bathroom. She will say Ewwww! if she knew that we pee or poo.

Lastly, her favorite foods are corn, green peas, mushroom,cherries and cheese. Her drinks are fresh milk and fresh juices, she can consume 3 boxes of juice per week and almost 1 gallon of milk a week. Im concern because she doesn't like to drink water, just a very little of water and not everyday.

She is very messy with her toys, my job is to clean her play room everyday. I'm not yet finished cleaning, the toys are scattered already on the floor. It is so hard sometimes but seeing her active, healthy and happy and she makes my life worth living for, this all matters to me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

24 months..2nd birthday party!

with her presents

with the Pastor's family
filipina friends

pakals time!

scared to blow the candle

singing the happy birthday song

kai lan cake

My little noiser is not a little noiser anymore. She is our big noiser now. She just turn 2 years old last July 28. It fall on a weekday so I prepared something for her on that special day. I cooked spaghetti, for long life and i bake a pine apple up side down cake. She is scared to flame so Tatay blow the candle for her.

Aug. 01, she had her birthday party, the motif was ni hao kai lan. Her Chinese friend gave her a Chinese dress. I ordered kai lan topper at eBay and our friend made the cake for her. She had 50+ guest including the kids. Her grandparents attended the party, they just came to attend all the way from Virginia.

I cooked pansit, humba and maja blanca. Ate Coy my new Filipina friend brought some sweet rice (biko), and lumpia. The party turns our great. Our church Pastor together with his family was present also, they are Filipino.

Here are some pics.