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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nick's Birthday

with friend Mary
the birthday boy..Nicholas

Kiray with the pinata

Kuya Nick's guests

Last Saturday, Kiray had her 1st experienced of attending a children's birthday party. Her nephew was celebrating his 11th birthday. She was having fun, even though she was the smallest and the youngest of all the kids in the party. She receive a special treatment. My Sister in law let her joined the games. She had her first pinata. She also receive a special gooddies. She likes the bubbles too. She also found a new friend name Mary. She admired Kiray so much, she like Kiray's hair and her skin color. Everywhere we go she is always the darling of the crowd.

19 months old

My little noiser is now 19 months old and soon to be 20 months old. Time pass by so quickly. She is now a toddler and not so pain in the butt. She is learning to talk now, I am sure she will be very talkative like her Mom. She can understand well, she is now a big help for me. She will be the one who will throw her diaper in the garbage, turn the light on and off for me. Put her toys in the toy box after playing with it. She loves being in the outside. She sets in the booster set now and not in the high chair. She can eat by herself...but do a lot of mess..hehehe...

I already tried leaving her in my Sister in laws house for 1 night, I didn't slept good that night thinking of her. That was the 1st time she was out of my sight. I was so worried and i cried. She was doing good and behaving too but she didn't eat. When i picked her up, she was very light. Until now she is still very boastful. If people will look at her, she will hide.

She is still cute as ever. Still small because very picky when it comes to food. She gain weight a little but grow taller. She's admire by everybody. I am so happy and proud of my daughter .